Custom Packaging Boxes

Custom Boxes.

It’s boxing clever.

As industry professionals, we constantly strive for better logistics efficiency to improve profitability.

It’s ironic that we are always trying to think outside the box in order to achieve this when there are inefficiencies in the box itself.

Being restricted to standard box sizes often results in having to use the wrong sized box for the product. As a consequence, there is then the need to spend time and money on packaging and filling just to make it work.

Custom Cardboard Boxes

As Australia’s leading custom corrugated cardboard box supplier, we have developed a groundbreaking, practical solution. With advanced machinery, we create tailor-made packaging solutions for products of all shapes and sizes, saving time and money by reducing packaging and filling, as well as maximising valuable warehouse space for your products.


About Us

Welcome to the box office.


Proudly Australian and with over a decade of experience, our skilled professionals are committed to delivering custom boxes and packaging solutions on time and to your exact specifications. With advanced machinery and a dedicated factory, we have the in-house capabilities to create custom corrugated cardboard boxes for everything from small pick and pack items right up to large bulky goods.

Custom Boxes  

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Industry solutions

It’s all in the box.
Custom Boxes offers specialised support to the pick and pack industry.

Having worked closely with our clients, we understand that it’s not uncommon for businesses to be allocating significant resources on packaging and filling simply because they are using the wrong sized box. The flow on effect is substantial;

Money is unnecessarily trapped in packaging and filling supplies when it could be used on more product.

Packaging and filling inventory takes up valuable warehouse space which could also be used to store more product.

Staff need to spend more time customising a packaging solution for each delivery.

Custom Boxes can solve all of these common problems. We develop a custom solution coupled with flexible ordering to ensure you get the right box for your product without tying up your money in packaging inventory.


Mission impossible no more.

Custom Boxes offers specialized support to manufacturers of bulky goods and we understand the unique challenges involved.

The vast majority of these manufacturers either pay a small fortune to develop custom packaging, or creating their own labour intensive improvised solution each and every time.


A better way.

Custom Boxes has created an accessible solution for businesses that need to package bulky products.
We can create a custom corrugated cardboard box for almost anything at a realistic price with no minimum order.


Safe. Secure. Efficient.

Not all masterpieces come in the exact same shape and size. So it makes sense that individual care be given to each piece to ensure safe transportation from venue to venue.

Custom Boxes offers specialised support for art logistics. You will gain peace of mind knowing that your rare artworks are protected as they are transported across the country and the world. 

It’s also a more efficient supply chain. With no minimum order, you can create custom boxes for every piece, reducing packaging time as well as the money spent on packaging and filling.


Custom Box Styles


Whether it’s a short run of a standard box size you are after, or something a little more unique, we can create a custom solution for your specific needs.

Standard boxes: Custom Boxes can make all standard box sizes with no minimum order including: RSC – Regular Slotted Container, HSC – Half Slotted Container, FFSC – Full Flap Slotted Container.

Pallet boxes: Suitable for exporters, Custom boxes can be created to any height in all standard pallet sizes: 1140x1140, 1140x545, and 1075x1075. We can also supply wooden pallets and corresponding attachment systems.

Narrow boxes: Suitable for art logistics and picture framers, this style of box is usually difficult for other manufacturers to make. Our advanced technology makes it easy allowing us to offer narrow or short boxes to your exact specifications with no minimum order.

Flat Pack: Suitable for furniture manufacturers and retailers, our flat pack boxes can be custom made to your exact specifications, reducing packaging time and costs.

Square Tubes: Suitable for the packaging of long items, we can create custom square tube boxes in standard or telescopic formats. These tubes will ship and store flat to reduce costs. An alternative to mailing tubes.

Maltese Cross: Suitable for printers, publishers or any business sending samples, the Maltese Cross is made specifically for the shipping of shallow items.

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How long does it take to get a quote?

We will get back to you within 24 hours (Monday – Friday) once you have filled out the quote form.

Is there a minimum order?

No! We can manufacture and supply short runs, starting with a single box.

How long does it take to produce my order?

We can turnaround orders in as little as 48 hours if required. Our standard turnaround is 5-7 working days.
*Subject to raw material stock and availability.

What styles of box can you manufacture?

You can choose from our extensive range of Fefco styles.

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I’m not sure where to begin. Can you help?

Sure! Call or email and we will work with you to tailor a solution to your needs.

Where can I learn more?

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