Industry Solutions

It’s all in the box.
  • It’s all in the box.
    Custom Boxes offers specialised support to the pick and pack industry.

    Having worked closely with our clients, we understand that it’s not uncommon for businesses to be allocating significant resources on packaging and filling simply because they are using the wrong sized box. The flow on effect is substantial.

    Money is unnecessarily trapped in packaging and filling supplies when it could be used on more product.

    Packaging and filling inventory takes up valuable warehouse space which could also be used to store more product.

    Staff need to spend more time customising a packaging solution for each delivery.

  • Mission impossible no more.

    Custom Boxes offers specialized support to manufacturers of bulky goods and we understand the unique challenges involved.

    The vast majority of these manufacturers either pay a small fortune to develop custom packaging, or creating their own labour intensive improvised solution each and every time.

    A better way.

    Custom Boxes has created an accessible solution for businesses that need to package bulky products.
    We can create a custom corrugated cardboard box for almost anything at a realistic price with no minimum order.

  • Safe. Secure. Efficient.

    Not all masterpieces come in the exact same shape and size. So it makes sense that individual care be given to each piece to ensure safe transportation from venue to venue.

    Custom Boxes offers specialised support for art logistics. You will gain peace of mind knowing that your rare artworks are protected as they are transported across the country and the world.

    It’s also a more efficient supply chain. With no minimum order, you can create custom boxes for every piece, reducing packaging time as well as the money spent on packaging and filling.

Custom Boxes can solve all of these common problems.

We develop a custom solution coupled with flexible ordering to ensure you get
the right box for your product without tying up your money in packaging inventory.